30 Degrees of Art


Twas a dark and dreary evening as I ventured up the dreaded A470 from Junction 32 all the way up to Tttreefffooorest. I was driving mother’s large pea-coloured camper van up to the end of year art exhibition along with my brother-in-law and reasonably pregnant sister.

We arrived at the university only for me to be berated by an angry and un-umbrellad sister for parking so far away. Nevertheless as keen rookies of the art world we battled on through the torrent of falling water and made it to the gallery space.

Now you’ve got to mind these arty types because they’re a bit funny at times, which is why I had to refrain from making a joke about the pile of wet coats and umbrellas in the hallway being someone’s installation.

The place was rammed. Now I’ve been to some art galleries in my time but never one that…

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