Photographic research. my own photographs


Hoe exciting to win and then put all our money back in.

Barry Island S. Wales

Spend all your hard earned money for two weeks of the year buying lots of souvenirs.

Wrap up warm for a day at the British seaside.

Beach huts


Traditional all English breakfast

Waiting for the sunshine bus, Cornwall.

Sad frontage at Porthcawl.


Is this kitsch? I think this epitomizes the golden mile of the promenade,kitsch perhaps vulgar , well to me yes. Stereo typical of this particular setting.

This machine has been updated to enable us to use our present currency. I like the fact that it hasn't been replaced just brought up to date,not unlike the many hotels,although I can see that many do not boast such updating.

A fabulous example of seaside memorabilia, reminiscent of Donald Mc, Gills saucy postcards. I can see the holiday makers of the Victorian age, allowing themselves to unwind and have fun. Something that was in short supply for the working classes.

Creative license , a waltzer ride recreated into a dinner seat. Here is where we see an iconic fun fair design of a familiar item, being transformed to make the space( in this example) a feel of the fun fair, thus the message of fun is further punctuated.In the background the stage is visible with its painted backdrop.Waiting silently for the audience to arrive. Here a disco and interactive show replaces the crooner of the inter war years. Once these piers were crammed with a mix of all social classes as they jostled side by side ready for new experiences.

I took this photograph from the sand on the much over looked beach. this enormous roller coaster dominates the landscape. I think it has the look an industrial landscape. Rather like the steel works of wales.This is what brings the money into the resort these days, a multimillion pound cash generator.


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