Diary of A Frustrated Artist

The fantastic Janice Joplin

Ok people I have not fallen off the radar, just had a long rest as I have now finished uni!!! yes hooray to that. Had me a few drinkies the last few weeks, which were long overdue, I am back in the saddle and ready to bring the steers home as it were. Painting like a demon and getting my mojo back. I shall be completely revamping this here blog and making it an altogether less boring place to visit. Who knows I may even put a few scatter cushions about the place .

So keep dropping by for the latest up dates of a frustrated artist, my trials and tribulations as I try to get by in the big bad world…..today however I am mostly eating chocolate and watching the Who on sky arts, cos that’s the way I roll, and because I have a mean arsed hangover. peace x