Recent Art

The gloves work  pictured here are from my second year exhibition. Looking at identity, resulting in a four canvas installation. The narrative is evident from the offset, here I have combined both 3D and 2D work in a rather quirky yet most effective way. The constraints of the 1950,s housewife through to present day liberation of women. I have used myself in the work, as hold the belief that my constraints have been self-imposed to a degree. I have used the work to narrate my liberation from these constraints.









I was investigating what it is about the seaside that is so appealing, during my experimentation, I allowed myself to drift into my personal dream state, where I realised my fascination, lay with the sea  when at the seaside. The most evocative and stirring element on the planet, at least for me that is.

When so many artists and writers, have paid homage to the sea then it is little wonder, that we are drawn to such a powerful force. The moon pulls and pushes the ebb and flow to its wax and wane. I had to capture at least a hint of this magical liquid, so I thought  Is it the colour?or the salty ozone of this briny soup or the sound as it rolls over the rocks and beaches. I made a simple little device where I mixed vegetable oil with water dyed blue. Poured the liquids into a large plastic bottle and then gently tilted the bottle back and forth. The slow motion wave curled across the bottle and the colours were beautiful. So I took these series of photographs at the window allowing the light to penetrate, I believe they have the feel of coming up for air, rather like being under the wave and breaking for the surface.


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