Diary of A frustrated Artist


Diary of A frustrated Artist

I am drawing and painting for my own pleasure, its been so long since I had the time to do it. I am a little rusty but practice makes perfect. It is my hope to get a collection together and have something to show, who knows some one may even ask me to paint for them?
I hope so cos the cupboard looks pretty bare, such is the life of an ex student. I passed by the way with a high-class 2/1 so i am rather happy. Today by way of a small celebration I am making a summer fruit pudding with fruit picked from my lovely friend Helen garden. I shall refrain from the obligatory cream however as I have waged war on my ample fat and this time its personal!!!! watch this space.


Diary of A Frustrated Artist


Diary of A Frustrated Artist

I have had a hectic but enjoyable day, at the Cardiff Butetown History & Arts center. Helping to put the exhibition together. Well I did the paper work while the rest hammered drilled and hung paintings.
Wonderful lunch ( all you can eat does not constitute to my 5 a day )curry mmmm. Great company and beautiful building. So people please come the opening of The Great Summer Exhibition Bute Street Cardiff Bay on July the 1st 2 till 5.
Work from over 40 artist so something for every one. Who knows maybe the sun will come out???

T.V eye, Ewan Mc Gregor


T.V eye, Ewan Mc Gregor
This is how to be a rock star

Whilst talking to my sister about my recent visit to the cinema, to see Rock of Ages, featuring Tom Cruise as some kind of rock star. I was keen to tell her than he may have looked the part but lacked credibility. The film was lame and reminiscent of that awful show Glee. I was quick to infrom her that, should she wish to see a more convincing performance of a rock star she should check out the Iggy based character played by Ewan McGregor, who I said quote ” he gets his willy out and wangs it about!” unbeknown to me, my teenage niece wasnt listening to her i pod as usual and had heard this exchange. imagine my surprise when I discover that she not only tweeted this quote, but because she had tagged Mr. Mc Gregor he had in fact read this and retweeted to his 74 thousand plus tweeters!!!!hahahaha he is a great man and truly great actor and a convincing rock star.

Diary of A Frustrated Artist

The fantastic Janice Joplin

Ok people I have not fallen off the radar, just had a long rest as I have now finished uni!!! yes hooray to that. Had me a few drinkies the last few weeks, which were long overdue, I am back in the saddle and ready to bring the steers home as it were. Painting like a demon and getting my mojo back. I shall be completely revamping this here blog and making it an altogether less boring place to visit. Who knows I may even put a few scatter cushions about the place .

So keep dropping by for the latest up dates of a frustrated artist, my trials and tribulations as I try to get by in the big bad world…..today however I am mostly eating chocolate and watching the Who on sky arts, cos that’s the way I roll, and because I have a mean arsed hangover. peace x