Qualifications and Work Experience

Wendy Powell

Personal Statement

Enthusiastic, bright, eager and reliable undergraduate. With excellent people skills, coupled with an ability to work well within a group or independently. Considering myself amiable confident and an excellent communicator. A passionate artist with an appetite for new experiences. Just finishing a 3 year degree course,  B.A Honours art practise, at the University of Glamorgan.



2009-2012        B.A  ART PRACTISE




1974-1979       A LEVEL ART (C)



MAY 2011   2nd year exhibition

Responsible for organising and presenting along with my second year colleague an exhibition in a professional gallery with some twenty years museum status. Where I combined 2 dimensional works with 3 dimensional work. These mediums have come to be quite a comfortable way in which I work, as I am confident in both building and painting. I have used these concepts to push the boundaries of conventional painting. Here at this exhibition I combined the sociological with the psychological, resulting in thought-provoking pieces of work. My work has a humorous even satirical quality but behind this humour lays a punch line that deals with issues of a more serious nature. The four canvas on display for this show were entitled “ its not me its you” and photographs of this work are available on this link. Also there in an image from this collection in the university prospectus for this year 2012.



This art shop had the largest range of art supplies in the country, other than that of stores such as Hobby craft. Here I was responsible for customer service, orders, e-mails. Stock display, and general enquiries. Knowledge of all things related to art was imperative for this position.  I was also able to further my skills in the creative field by attending the many workshop that the establishment held.  During this time I was also finding myself in a more demanding situation with private commissions for my paintings. Most were portraiture. Some of which can be seen in my gallery of previous work.



This was a position of much responsibility. I held the position of customer services as well as covering supervisory rolls during busy times and breaks. Numeracy skills and an ability to think on ones feet, in what was a very busy environment.  As well as stock rotation awareness, I sat regular tests for health and safety and merchandising law.  My creative skills were not altogether wasted here as I had the job of decorating the large stores four picture windows over the Christmas period. To such a standard that it became a problem keeping the eager customers out of the displays as they attempted to buy all that was in the windows.


Throughout my life art has been a constant . I have attended many education classes with a creative theme. It was always my intention to further my experiences within this field. As my confidence and ability grew so did the interest in my work. I have been fortunate to have sold a great many of the pieces that I have made, be it ceramic or painted.

I have been to art demonstrations, interactive exhibitions and many classes  by way of assuaging my appetite for knowledge and experience. Now I am coming to the end of my Degree courses and readying myself for the end of year show. I can say with confidence that I have learned a great many new skills, Not least, an understanding of how to talk about my work. I understand that Art is a visual language and it is interpreted in a number of ways. This last three years has armed me with the tools I needed to utilise this new-found knowledge. I am now a confident ceramicist and painter, though I would not limit myself to just these materials as I am capable of using just about anything at my disposal.

My experiences have taken me out of my once small world and broadened my horizons. I am secure in the knowledge that I am capable and willing to strive and continue to create both for myself within my practise and for others, either in a collaborative field or as an individual artist taking commission work.

I have a talent for the Ironic, uncanny or amusing; my work captures the viewer’s attention in an instant. I believe it is my ability to engage and capture people’s attention that is my strongest asset. When they first see my work they usually smile, then on closer inspection they are able to understand that it has a more serious undertone, though not one that leaves the viewer uncomfortable. I would go as far as to say that it is a moment when you get a joke, that clever delivery of the tag or punch line. That is how I believe my work is experienced.

I spent several years painting a variety of drapes for night clubs. These drapes were painted with U.V paint so as to make an impact under black light. The pieces were individual to the clubs and D.J set’s ergo they always had an individual theme. This experience helped to keep me up to speed with the changing face of youth culture with its art and music. I have always enjoyed visual culture and have found it to be my main stay whilst working through my art practice at University. I suppose I would consider myself an anthropomorphic artist.


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