T.V eye, Ewan Mc Gregor


T.V eye, Ewan Mc Gregor
This is how to be a rock star

Whilst talking to my sister about my recent visit to the cinema, to see Rock of Ages, featuring Tom Cruise as some kind of rock star. I was keen to tell her than he may have looked the part but lacked credibility. The film was lame and reminiscent of that awful show Glee. I was quick to infrom her that, should she wish to see a more convincing performance of a rock star she should check out the Iggy based character played by Ewan McGregor, who I said quote ” he gets his willy out and wangs it about!” unbeknown to me, my teenage niece wasnt listening to her i pod as usual and had heard this exchange. imagine my surprise when I discover that she not only tweeted this quote, but because she had tagged Mr. Mc Gregor he had in fact read this and retweeted to his 74 thousand plus tweeters!!!!hahahaha he is a great man and truly great actor and a convincing rock star.